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Planning Consultant

We work very closely with a highly qualified planning consultant and we very strongly feel that the right planning advice at the start of the project is paramount. Following advice from the planning consultant, we quite often look at proposals and designs from a slightly different angle than we would have done without a consultant on board.

Our planning consultant runs a small practice based locally. Prior to setting up the private practice, she was the planning team leader at Stratford District Council running a team of planning officers and prior to that she was previously a senior planning officer dealing over the years with both major and minor planning applications.

She has an extensive knowledge of the planning system and is always on hand to offer advice in the background on all projects we are involved in. We use a planning consultant to prepare and submit 90% of our planning applications allowing her to monitor the application, leaving us free to concentrate on drawings and designs.

We work very well as a team, and depending on the project she will either visit the site before us and assess the likelihood of gaining planning approval, or alternatively we may visit the site/project initially and suggest the planning consultant makes a visit before committing to drawing and design work. This way we feel we offer our clients the right advice from the very beginning.