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3D computer modelling

One key aspect when starting Stable Architecture was to concentrate on presentation of drawings. We very much pride ourselves on including three-dimensional (3D) perspective views in all our planning design drawings.

We believe that we are virtually unique in that we create all our drawings in 3D from the very beginning. Every drawing we produce is created as a 3D model inside the computer software and gives you, as the client, the chance to visualise the project. We produce not only scale floor plans and elevations but also external perspective views of every building project we are involved in, ranging from a simple single-storey garden room through to a Manor house renovation.

We are able to see the effects of sunlight and shadows on projects ranging from simple extensions all the way through to individual one off house designs. We are able to slice the top off a building and look down inside during the design stage, which very much helps some clients get a better understanding of the layout of the building.

On more complex and delicate projects we are able to integrate the proposal into photographs of the property to show a photorealistic view of exactly what the proposal will look like in the current landscape or site setting.

Browse the projects section of our website and our photo galleries where you will find examples of images taken from our three-dimensional software.