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Cherwell District Council - Stratford District Council - West Oxon District Council - South Northants Council - Cotswold District Council

Project supervision

We are in a position to offer project supervision of the construction work. As part of the supervision package we will prepare a detailed written specification, this is combined with the building regulations drawings and further technical detail supporting the specification to create a complete drawing and written content package.

After obtaining various costs from a carefully chosen group of builders, we then can assist with making a decision with regards to the chosen builder.

The building contractor is placed under a contract of building works, we act as the contract administrator throughout the duration of the building works, making regular visits to the site throughout the entire building contract dealing with multiple aspects ranging from site inspections to discussing variations and agreeing costs for extras prior to invoices arriving.

Building projects can be a stressful time, our service aims to reduce the stress as much as possible.